Why You Should Consider Remedies from the Old South

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alivebynatureEMILY THACKER, Noted Natural Health Author, and Author of “THE VINEGAR BOOK,” is a research writer specializing in the health care field. Emily has also authored the best-selling Home Remedies from the Old South.

Emily takes a look at the most fascinating substance that has been used for centuries for a variety of medical treatments. Emily’s journey begins with claims from the “Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine” that state honey is a remedy rediscovered. Honey has been successfully used for treating infected surgical wounds, burns, and decubitus ulcers. Honey has been actually found to possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. One clinical study involving 169 infants and small children suffering from gastroenteritis showed that honey, given with oral rehydration fluids, actually shortens the duration of bouts with bacterial diarrhea.

In one of the more spectacular claims regardĀ­ing honey, researchers at the American Health Foundation, in Valhalla, N.Y, point to the cancer-drug potentiating properties of honey. In the September 15, 1993 Cancer Research, scientists describe the ability of honey derived caffeic esters to actually inhibit the development of precancerous changes in the colon of animals that were given a known carcinogen.

Honey is an Instant energy source. Glycogen, the body’s source of energy, can enter the bloodstream in ten minutes, when delivered as a spoonful of honey. When taken with a calcium supplement, the glucose in honey can increase the body’s absorption of the mineral by nearly 25%, according to the U.S.

Department of Agriculture nutritionist Richard Wood. Glucose acts as a booster for the absorption of other essential minerals such as zinc and magnesium, unlike sugar which, according to kinesiology researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles can weaken bone structure block growth by inhibiting calcium absorption in the intestines and reducing the amount that gets to bones.

Different theories abound as to the healing properties of honey. Some feel it is the acidic property of honey that helps wounds heal. Another property of honey that may help heal wounds is the drying power that honey possesses. Honey has been found to possess an anti-bacterial agent that helps wounds heal. This natural ingredient, called inhibine, may be the key to the natural powers of honey. Scientists are only beginning to understand the properties that make honey one of the hidden natural healers. Just as penicillin originated as a mold found in nature, nature is the maker of honey, a fighter of disease and bacterial infections.

Study after study has shown the many medical attributes of honey. Honey has been shown your to also possess anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative attributes. Emily shows you how you can successfully incorporate honey into your lifestyle and diet. This natural sweetener may be the most nutritious and healthy additive to your recipes and warm soothing drinks.

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